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Spectator Information

We're excited for you to visit Whiteland Raceway Park! 

Here is some additional information to help you plan your visit:


Admission: $10

This covers the cost of your pit pass which must be purchased at the gate upon arrival.  Insurance requires a signature for each visit. This unfortunately means no double event pit passes or yearly signatures. Due to the upgrades and differences in fencing and more inclusivity of the facility as a whole, we will require all guests (racers, mechanics, spectators, etc) to purchase a pit pass. This is for insurance liability purposes. There are no age minimums. There is no other gate admission fee.


There will be no cost for spectator parking. Spectators can enter through the North Gate and park in the field to the north. (Front street parking is available for the first race if needed)

Handicapped parking will enter through the South Gate.

Food and Beverage:

Concessions are available for purchase in the main registration building. We also have food trucks at the truck for many events. Coolers are allowed on site. We ask that any alcoholic beverages not be consumed until all racing has concluded for the day.

Suite: $30

Suite tickets can be purchased at the track and include a pit pass.

The suite includes snacks, beverages, cushioned seating with overhead track views and is heat/air conditioned.


You are welcome to bring lawn chairs or use some of the bleachers around the facility. 

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