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2020 Used WP-MINI!

(Kids 9 -12 yrs and older)


Approx 12-15 races old

This kart is available as rolling chassis (as shown in the photos), or we can sell it as a complete track-ready kart with your choice of Sprint Racing engines.

If you would like a track-ready kart with an engine package fitted, the final cost of a completed kart will vary based on the engine package chosen by the customer, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us for specific pricing if you want a track-ready WPK Kart!



  • New Unopened WPK Graphics Kit,
  • New Set of MG Tires,
  • DWT M Series Wheels,
  • Floating Gear Hub,


Chassis Type: 2020 WP-MINI Chassis.
Engine: This kart is available as a rolling chassis (as shown in the photos), or we can sell it as a complete track ready kart with your choice of an IAME SWIFT 60cc / Briggs and Straton LO206 (cost will vary based on the engine package chosen by the customer, so please contact us for specific pricing if you want a track ready WPK kart!)
Seat: Used fiberglass sized to fit. For kids, we stock micro seats & Junior sizes 1 & 2 (Approx. 50lbs-110lbs)
Axle Size: 30mm 
Brakes: WPK Factory Brake system.
Wheels: DWT M Series Wheels
Special Features: Save $1,495! on this chassis. Brand new, this chassis retail for $3395 un-assembled in the box.

*Brand new versions of this WP-MINI Roller start at $3,395.00.


Shipping/Pick up: Karts are cleaned, put on the frame table, and set aside for individual seat fitment. Typically all karts will be available for pick up or shipping within two weeks after purchase if you have any other questions feel free to call or email us at



We ship nationwide and well as internationally! Mexico and Canada's purchases are welcome. We handle the shipping for those countries. The customer must secure the customs broker for border crossing paperwork and fees.

*We ship door to door (business or residence) worldwide! For international shipments, don't hesitate to contact us directly by email or phone for the shipping cost.

National Shipping (within the U.S.) to the East Coast, please add $365.00 to the cost of the kart.

National Shipping to the West Coast-Please adds $325.00 to the cost of the kart.