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MAY 9, 2023

We know you’ve been eagerly (but patiently) waiting for racing to begin! We are excited to be able to finally race on Saturday! Below are things to note:


The facility will be open for kart practice (no bikes, no rentals) Thursday and Friday from 3-9pm and Sunday from 11-8pm. Practice is $20 plus your pit pass. A yearly practice pass is available for $350 and does not include daily pit passes.


This configuration (No. 67) will not be our “standard” moving forward. We need LOTS more testing for that to be decided, but we do believe this will be a good option for the first race.


Race Day Fees:


Entry Fees:


First Class: $50

Second Class: $45

Third Class: $40


Day Of:

First Class: $55

Second Class: $50

Third Class: $45


Registration Link:

Entry fees do not include a pit pass for drivers.


Pit passes are $10 and must be purchased at the gate upon arrival. There will be no pit pass pre-payment. Insurance requires a signature for each visit. This unfortunately means no double event pit passes or yearly signatures. Due to the upgrades and differences in fencing and more inclusivity of the facility as a whole, we will require all guests (racers, mechanics, spectators, etc) to purchase a pit pass. This is for insurance liability purposes. There are no age minimums. There is no other gate admission fee.


Transponder Rental: $15 (One per driver for first race)

If you have one that you have “accidentally” kept and return it to us before the first race you will receive a free class entry.

Rentals will be charged full price of replacement if not returned within 72 hours. ($500)


Parking Link:

Parking Map: CLICK HERE

Single event parking will be available for the first race. Season options will open around June 1st.


Reserved Non-Powered: $30

Reserved Powered: $50


Non-Reserved, Non-Powered: $20

Non-Reserved, Powered: $50


PLEASE NOTE: We are unsure if power will be available on Saturday May 13. If it is unavailable there will be a $20 credit issued to anyone who purchases the powered spaces.


Only reserved spots will be able to park early (Friday for a Saturday race). There will be no charge for the extra day. It will be $25 to add power to your spot for early parkers.


There will be no cost for spectator parking. Spectators can enter through the North Gate and park in the field to the north. (Front street parking is available for the first race if needed).


Garage Holders will park on Front Street across from the track and enter the South Gate.

Handicapped parking will enter through the South Gate.


Membership Link:

Memberships are required for points. Memberships purchased by the third race will have all races counted. Any memberships purchased after the third race will start accruing points from the date of purchase.


Single: $50

Family (2 or more in the same household): $75


Suite Access:

Suite tickets can be purchased at the track and are $30 and include a pit pass.



Practice – 7 minutes

Qualifying – 5 laps

Pre-Final – 8 laps


            KK/Novice: 10 laps

            Junior Classes: 15 Laps

            Senior Classes: 20 Laps

            Masters Classes: 15 Laps


*Please note this format is just confirmed for the first race and may change based on configuration throughout the season.



We will only be selling tires, fuel, oil, transponders and motorhome extension cords. All other parts will be sold by MPG Motorsports.



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